Innovate like the Start-ups do!

Introducing INK Innovate

Innovation is changing. Customers are mouthier and more immediate about their demands, and don’t hesitate to leave bad reviews for everyone to see. Anybody can start a business, or democratically fund new product development through Kickstarter, whereas SaaS (Software as a Service) products are turning the entire service industry upside down.
Start-ups light on offerings but heavy on culture pop-up on the daily. They’re much more agile, and scoop up all the millennial talent you so wish to get your hands on. Competition with these younger, more agile companies requires a new, more flexible approach to innovation.


Where Apple went wrong

There is a lot of pressure on bigger corporates and SME’s. You can only incrementally stretch your portfolio for so long, before you get out-innovated. This is what happened to the automotive industry (Tesla), the mobility industry (Uber) and the hotel industry (AirBnB). Even innovation powerhouse Apple seems to be out-innovated in recent months. The industry-pioneer that gave us iPhone and iPad Pro has no answer for Microsoft’s Surface Studio (as of yet).
Apple’s mistake? Playing it safe. By incrementally improving on core products (I’m looking at you Macbook Pro!) for too long, Apple has allowed competitors to catch up to and, more recently, overtake them.They simply forgot to innovate!

No company is above the need for disruptive innovation!

The point I’m trying to make here is that no company is above the need for disruptive innovation. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Which is why at INK we decided to do what we’ve always done: Facilitate change. We’re going to help you innovate like the start-ups do: effectively and immediately.


Innovation in a Box

Almost all INK-ers graduated as Industrial Design Engineers, so you could say innovation is in our DNA. We have been developing innovative new products for years! We simply never utilised this part of our skillset at INK before – until now.


Over the last four months, we had a fully dedicated team develop an entirely new proposition, aptly called INK Innovate.

INK Innovate is developed specifically to help SME’s and big corporates innovate like the startups do.

We have condensed a six month innovation process into just five, creativity packed, adrenaline fuelled days

They will result in disruptive product/service concepts and business models that will last you for years to come.


Creative juices will flow, your bravery will be tested and your culture challenged, but you will end up with the roadmap to become a pioneer in your industry.

creation of innovate

See it as ‘innovation-in-a-box’; We will facilitate the five-day innovation sprint start to end, with you at the steering wheel.

We ensure your team can fully focus on the one thing in front of them: coming up with new business opportunities. We’ve struck a balance between following a systematic time-pressured approach, and creating a micro-culture of open-mindedness and creativity, to arrive at the right solution for your company in a fraction of the time.

Parkinson’s Law at its best!

The great thing is that your core concept will be validated early on, when a ‘pivot’ is still possible.


Context driven & Interaction centred

Our process is context driven, which means that we don’t just look at market trends and do reactive design, but create a holistic future context by connecting those trends, with developments, states and principles. Steve Jobs would have called it: Connecting the Dots.


From this context, we can derive the customers underlying needs. Needs they’re not yet even aware of themselves.

context driven

Furthermore, the method is interaction centred, which goes a step beyond human centred in that it looks at the product/service-user ecosystem as a whole, and results in more coherent, intuitive innovations. To quote Steve Jobs again: Most people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.


Lastly, we borrow a page from the Lean Startup methodology, and guide you through defining an MVP + Roadmap, so that the core of your visionary concept can be validated against the market early and cheaply. Concept didn’t stick? Well, it’s a good thing your innovation-cycle didn’t take 6 months! You’ll have plenty of time to ‘pivot’ and do another innovation sprint (though as of yet, we haven’t encountered this problem).



For a long time evolutionary biologists thought that evolution happened incrementally. Steadily and linearly creating millions of iterations over time, and improving along the way. Unfortunately, this is also how businesses treat innovation. Like a gradual and slow incremental change.


However, more recently, it was discovered evolution more likely happens in symbiotic sprints, when the pressures for extinction are high! Which makes a lot more sense, considering how external stressors govern almost every change in nature.

fast v. slow

It is time we adapt the way we do innovation in business to the same model. INK Innovate is designed to help you do that.

Don’t go extinct. Let’s get in touch and innovate together!


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