Making your Strategy Understandable to Anyone

The INK Way

Imagine you’re a caveman, living in a cosy cave with your family. Your son is at the age where you’ll want to teach him how to catch the biggest deer. Once you start explaining the best techniques, your son looks puzzled. He doesn’t quite get it. So what do you do? Right, you start drawing!

Since the start of humanity we have communicated visually. African tribes communicate with their hands and feet. Pirates use big flags on their ships to sign and the old Egyptians communicated with hieroglyphs. It’s true: our brains process visuals faster and more efficiently than text. So why make things unnecessarily complicated, when they can be made extremely simple? Well, that’s exactly what we think at INK Strategy!


Visual Thinking: Making your strategy crystal clear

We are designers; visual thinking is in our DNA. We use visuals to convey difficult messages in an easy way. At Ink, we use those skills to help bring about change in corporate strategy. The general idea of the strategy is usually already there, but it’s not crystal clear yet. Does this sound familiar?: A voluminous document is put together to describe the ins and outs of the strategy. And preferably it’s communicated in a fifty-slide PowerPoint deck. Honestly though, does it do the job? And if not, would your employees really flip through all those pages again to understand it better? We bet they wouldn’t. The result: a lack of employee engagement.


The INK way of working

Our solution? First, we grab a big piece of paper. Secondly, we gather all relevant stakeholders of your company in one single room and start collecting their knowledge. Using visual thinking, we capture their explanation of the strategy in one big sketch. Once the stakeholders see their strategy made visual, things get interesting: ideas that were proposed earlier have become very specific now. Usually that’s a prompt for managers to start discussing what’s on paper. When it becomes evident that their ideas don’t align as well as they thought they would, we’ll help them find common ground. It will force you to be crystal clear about each and every part of the strategy.

In this process INK’s other competencies come into play. We use our understanding of strategies to contribute, and use a combination of listening and empathy to get to the core of the change. We engage in a dialogue and eventually try to find a win-win situation for all parties. For us, engagement and alignment are the key essentials of strategy activation, so absolutely everyone in the room will have their say. We won’t leave the room until everything is discussed and stakeholders are aligned.

The Result

The result is simple and clear: your entire new strategy is captured in one visual. We help you communicate the visual in a way that fits your company. What about huge wall posters, a little booklet that serves as a manual for new employees or an animation video? We enable you to reach all stakeholders with your new strategy in one minute. After all, a visual is worth a thousand words.


Do you want to take employee engagement to the next level? We’d be happy to do break-out sessions with different departments of the company. That way, employees will feel more engaged in the process and will get a chance to reflect on the organizational strategy. Achieving companywide engagement is one of the hardest things to do during change. We’re here to make it easier for you!