How to remove Silo’s when creating Strategy

The magic of Facilitation

Market change is a constant, now more then ever. It puts a lot of pressure on choosing the right strategy. Time is of the essence, and your fellow teammates or board members are all talking over each other.

You just got on the struggle bus and there’s no one else aboard, not even a driver. Reaching destination: New Strategy, relies on the fuel of your colleagues’ creativity, passion and commitment. You can’t do without them. But it can feel like the tank is running empty. You can’t see how you’re all going to get there together, not yet anyway!

Struggle bus

We all feel like this sometimes. We work apart; in different departments, countries, even continents. The result? People end up in silos; boxes that separate us from them and their job. Barriers go up, both physical and mental. Effective communication becomes hard, coming together gets difficult. To develop that new strategy, those barriers need to come down. No one should travel to destination New Strategy alone and on the struggle bus.

This is when facilitation can make all the difference. That’s why it is one of Ink’s four core competencies. Good facilitators are neutral; they have no vested interest in the product or strategy at stake. They run your strategy sessions independently of the different dynamics and social hierarchies of your business.

Imagine the above scenario is you right now; facilitation will let you be part of the process instead of overseeing it. It takes the burden off your shoulders, it gets you off the bus! That way people at all levels, you included, can work together and play equal parts in the creative process of strategy development. The barriers begin to fall.

New Strategy

At Ink, we believe facilitators should value the opinions of everyone equally; that there is no us and them. Facilitators work to build trust by asking the right questions, that get people out of their silos. They know when to inject humour (there’s nothing like laughter to break the ice) and when to be serious. Above all else, we believe that good facilitators are good listeners. As people create and collaborate with colleagues from completely different areas of expertise, the best facilitators conduct the orchestra that is strategy creation.

Facilitators with strategic visualisation skills, can drive your strategy development even further. Your thoughts and ideas literally come to life. The energy of the session will flow and buzz with creativity while the facilitators make it visual by drawing what you say. The outcome is condensed into something you can see and even touch; a visual roadmap of what you have created together that leads to where you are going.


So, can you see it now? No one need shoulder the burden alone. By letting someone facilitate for you, the barriers and silos that once separated you from them disappear. The creativity, passion and commitment you looked for at the beginning are all there now. Suddenly, that day you were the only passenger on the struggle bus seems long ago.