Vision building for the least visited country in Europe

UNDP Moldova winter retreat

February was an awesome month for us as we had the chance to work with the United Nations Development Programme again – this time with the UNDP Country Office in Moldova to strengthen their vision and develop the team. Check out this short movie to get an impression of our event:


Moldova – least visited country in Europe

Ever been in Moldova? Chances are high you haven’t. It’s the least visited country in Europe according to the UN World Tourism Organisation. Moldova is an Eastern European, former Soviet, landlocked country with great wines, great people, few tourists and high development ambitions. The UNDP is present with over 100 people to spur development (in many different ways), and we were asked to help UNDP by uniting their entire team around the vision for their work in Moldova.


The Challenge – words, words, words – but what do we want to say?

As Stefan Liller, head of the Country Office, put it: “you want to run a well-oiled machine and this is only possible when everybody truly shares a common vision.” “We all get a lot to read: documents, strategies, action plans, while people’s attention span is shorter and shorter. What we need is convincing and appealing images to enable our entire staff to explain what we do, what we stand for and where we want to go.”


The Ink Approach – a combination of vision building and team development

During 2,5 days we have guided the UNDP staff towards a clear vision for their work. We used a creative design process to turn countless words in a clear, visual story and combined this approach with exercises about communication, action planning and visual thinking to get the entire team on board.


One of the best memories

One of the best moments for us certainly was when the Country Director got really enthusiastic about the energy and authority with which every single staff member was pitching the same vision during a story building exercise. So enthusiastic indeed that he was energetically walking around, carrying a laptop with his Skype open to show UN colleagues what was happing.


Working, and socializing with the UNDP Moldova team has been a great experience. We hope to see the envisioned progress in Moldova and to return to see it. We are proud to have often read in the survey: “this has been the best retreat we have ever had.”