A vision for your country

INK takes visual thinking into politics

Trump just got elected president of the United States. Millions of Americans had to make a decision who to vote for. Adds were watched on television, statements of the candidates shared on social media, opinions interchanged between neighbors, friends and colleagues. Which future did people see for America when they voted for Clinton or Trump?


Had I been an American, I would’ve found it quite a challenge to combine all shreds of information into a whole. I hear a lot about being “stronger together” but what does Hillary exactly stand for and how would it affect me? Just how will a Republican government under Trump change my life and “make America great again”? With the elections over, time will tell, but it would have been nice to have a clear overview before election day.


In order to get the bigger picture of how your vote affects your life you could dive into the hefty reports on party positions and government policies. However, most of us don’t have the time nor wish to spend hours studying those hefty reports. That’s why INK wants to bring visual thinking into politics.


Imagine an online visual landscape that actually shows how a country would look like when governed by a particular party. Party positions on all major topics like employment and income, migration, health care and education are shown with visual impressions. They provide an overview of what kind of country you’d live in when you cast your vote for a particular party. To give you an idea of what I mean, look at this visual INK made for Myanmar.




A visual allows you to see the bigger picture without having to go through countless pages filled with abstract terms. Also, visuals are understandable for everyone, even when you don’t speak the same language. Visuals are especially appealing to the younger generations and are easily shared on social media. We’re convinced that taking visual thinking into politics would increase democratic participation.


With the Dutch national elections coming up in March 2017 INK intends to do sessions with Dutch political parties and create visuals of how ‘their’ Netherlands would look like. Curious what country you’d live in under e.g. GroenLinks, the VVD, PvdA, Partij van de Dieren or the PVV? Keep an eye on our page, we’ll keep you posted!