Building Peace

We want to aim high; Ink Strategy has set itself the mission to create a globally accepted method for cultural change. We believe design thinking and visual thinking are the enablers to create mutual understanding in any of the worlds most complex problems.

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Case 1


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is building a peaceful foundation needed for the democratic transition in Myanmar, where culture and governance are transforming rapidly.

Ink Strategy teamed up with the UNDP and Search For Common Ground to create a Training of Trainers programme. The delegates were equipped with visuals and facilitation experience to run powerful workshops in their local regions, creating shared understanding of the – diversified – perspectives of the people in Myanmar.

Result: The roll out is still in progress however to date more than 1200 people have been trained in social cohesion

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Case 2


SNV is an international non-profit development organisation, working in Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

Ink Strategy facilitated a project with SNV to develop a pitch for one of their newest solution to end energy poverty in Africa. Ink facilitated a co-creation session to design all the aspects of this micro-financing project into one compelling visual story. Eventually this is processed into a short animation video.

Result: The pitch was shown at several congresses, activating people to donate.

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Case 3

Refugee initiative

Ink Strategy entered the What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge.

Where most initiatives are focussing on the refugees themselves, Ink’s solution starts in the receiving community. In this complex situation, effective communication is key, and our “shared thinking model” is a great tool for conflict resolution and achieving greater social cohesion. Our ultimate goal is to create a win-win out of a situation that is now perceived as a crisis.

Result: At the moment Ink is working towards sessions with stakeholders in communities.

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